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I enjoy making hand-crafted objects alongside my graphic design business. Mixed media is my favourite medium, as it allows me to put to use the creative and hand craft skills I have gained throughout the years.
Cabinet of Curiosities is one of my personal projects. Its name encapsulates my interest in science, arts, crafts and eclectic ephemera.

My role:

Taking advantage of my professional skills as a digital and graphic designer, I designed the brand and developed this website to promote one of my personal art and crafts projects. Inspired by old victorian microscopic slides I created a series of decorative objects which form a collection of mixed media miniatures put together in unusual configurations.

Key achievements:

I participated in an art exhibition at Rich Mix (Shoreditch, London) organised by Zealous.

I was also part of an art exhibition run by Arthub in Deptford, and exhibited at the Telegraph Hill Festival Open Studios in South East London.

Alongside the website (displayed on a touch screen), I created a series of promotional posters, labels, postcards and greeting cards inviting people to find out more about my artworks.

My skills as a digital and graphic designer were showcased alongside my skills as an artist and designer-maker, with very positive feedback.

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